As Asia’s leading entertainment corporation in Asia, Catwalk is recognized for its diverse roster of talent and services. Our team focuses on representing iconic talents and providing quality services in licensing, show directing, producing, marketing, brand management, and storytelling.

Founded in 1986 by Ivan Hong, Catwalk started as a trailblazer of the model agency industry in Asia. Ivan Hong is at the forefront of the fashion world, appearing in Paris, Milan, and New York during Fashion Week, bringing the most up-to-date fashion trends back to Asia. Ivan Hong also appeared in numerous fashion news coverages, and Catwalk quickly became the epitome of style and trend. Ever since then, we have continued to excel in bringing professionalism and excellence to the world of entertainment in Asia.

Our Services


Talent Brokerage (models, singers, actors, sports, and e-sports)  Content Marketing  E-Commerce  Investment  

Show Production  Design & Styling  Integrated Marketing

Seed Music and Seed Music Publishing 

Music & Content Production  Publishing & Licensing  Performance Brokerage  Concert Production․ 

Film & TV  Investment