The History of Catwalk

Known as the “Godfather of Fashion,” founder Ivan Hong and his professional team have become the leader in talent brokering and discovery. 

Under Feng Wu’s leadership since 2018, Catwalk Corporation officially enters a new era that evolves from a talent agency into an all-rounded entertainment & media corporation that provides services such as Publishing & licensing, Investment, E-Commerce, Marketing, and many others.


  • 1984

    The 1980s were a time when Taiwan fashion was just taking roots, and propelled the need for professional modelling.
    Entering an era of economic growth, Taiwan’s fashion industry started taking roots in the early 1980s, with fashion events from the Taiwan Textile Federation, Sunrise Department Store and the International Woolmark Presentation. Ivan Hong played a part in the organization and stylings of such events, and in response to the lack of professional modelling industry, he had the idea to launch a modeling company of his own.
  • 1986

    Catwalk Model Agency was the first of its kind in Taiwan.
    From a three man studio to officially registering in 1986, the Catwalk Model Agency was born.
  • 1990’s

    1990- Creative Director for Gianfranco Ferre’s first international presentation in Taiwan, and was also the first to international collaboration in Taiwan. 1995- CEO of the Taiwan Textiles and Fashion Designers Association, curated the first fashion and charity event “Fashion Odyssey”. 1998- Invited by the International Sculpture Festival to hold the “Soft Sculpture” fashion show along with designer Lu Fong Chi, and invited dancer Lo Man-fei to perform. 1999- Curated the “Vanity Red House” fashion show in Taipei, inviting designers from all around the country to participate.
  • 2000's

    2001 Invited by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum to direct programs for the exhibition “Conversations with Structure” for French Art Week, along with designer Lu Fong Chi. 2004 Published “The Declaration of Beauty and Supermodels” and also was responsible for building the popularity of supermodel Lin Chi-ling. 2005 19 of Catwalk’s supermodels and idols are featured in the “2006 Superstar Calendar” 2006 In collaboration with ETToday News, presented the “Paris Haute Couture Front Row” coverage of Paris Fashion Week. 2007 Started the “Catwalk Model Competition”, being one of the most important model competitions in Taiwan. Shanghai branch is founded. 2008 Hong Kong offices opens 2009 Founded in-house beauty brand and CatwalkGirl Fashion Website.
  • 2010's

    2010 Catwalk and Msyaming Luxury Fashion group held a fashion show on the Ketagalan Boulevard, for raising the money for the abused women and children. 2011 The first Catwalk Competition includes male model participation. 2012 Collaborates with shoe brand Michael Antonio and the 6th annual Catwalk Model Competition adds performance arts entry, marking the diversifying of Catwalk’s talent. Singapore branch opens. 2013 Signs actors and actresses Christopher Lee, Cash Chuang, Fann Wong to join the rooster of Catwalk talent. 2014 Christopher Lee won the best actor award at the Golden Bell TV Awards, and Tiffany Hsu has been nominated as best newcomer at the Golden Horse Awards. The same year, Catwalk launched fashion brand KODZ with Tokichoi. For its 30th anniversary, Catwalk launched what would be the fashion event of the year in celebration.
  • 2015

    Looking forward to the next 30 years of Catwalk.
    To be able to recognize and nurture talent, with models such as Tom Wang, Jill Chiu, Huang Chih-yun walking for the international fashion circuit. Catwalk is more than just a model agency, and having just entered its 30 anniversary, it is certainly time for a brand new milestone.
  • 2016

    2016 was a flourishing year for Catwalk actors and actresses who were nominated by Taipei Film Festival as well as the 52th Golden Horse Awards.
  • 2017

    Catwalk keeps cross the boundaries of being a model with Yuli Lin challenged herself to accomplish The Desert Race as well as publish training book with other model friends.
  • 2018

    Feng Wu, the CEO of Seed Music Group (SMG), the iconic Mandarin music label that is known for its exemplary work in licensing, publishing, and producing across Asia, joins Catwalk leadership team. Under Wu’s leadership, the newly formed Catwalk Corporation officially enters a new era that engage new services such as Publishing & licensing, Investment, E-Commerce, Marketing, and many other new areas.
  • 2019

    Catwalk signs Chen Yibing, a three-time Olympics gold medalist and four-time world champion in men’s artistic gymnastics. The move of veering into a sports agency added high-profile opportunities to Catwalk’s business in the sports-related industry.
  • 2020

    Catwalk contracts world-renowned Japanese artist Miwa Komatsu 小松美羽 for an exclusive artwork. The wall-size, majestic work of art reflects Catwalk’s three beliefs — ‘teams,’ ‘artists,’ and ‘fans.’ It illustrates the significance of the trinity within Catwalk and the entertainment industry. Komatsu’s vision coincides with CEO Feng Wu’s desire for Catwalk’s employees, artists, and fans to prosper and shine together. The commencement of Catwalk Corporation’s new building based in Taipei, Taiwan. The newly constructed nine-story building will serve as the headquarter in Asia and house over one hundred employees and artists. Softstar Entertainment Inc. (TE: 6111) forms a partnership with Catwalk and signs over 300+ virtual/simulated characters. With the newly-formed joint force of virtual and physical talent catalog, Catwalk takes the innovative lead in representing and managing virtual characters. With the ambition to evolve into a thriving business that integrates various and Catwalk continues to delve into the E-Sports, E-Commerce, and other activities that can move the corporation forward as an integrated media corporation.
  • 2020

    Catwalk forms a strategic alliance with Kun Shan University in building a joint incubation center for young fashion icons. Kaiser Chuang is nominated for the 55th Golden Bell Awards for Best Leading Actor in a Television Series.
  • 2021

    Innovative approaches are adapted in the time of pandemic. Catwalk launches online courses ‘CW Mastery Forum’, whereby critically acclaimed actors and models such as Kaiser Chuang and Frederick Lee share their experiences in the industry. Film investment of big Chinese blockbuster ’浴血無名川’ on Iqiyi achieves 25 Million RMB box office within fifty days of release and gains large coverage on CCTV China. Catwalk actively expands into the territory of film and music licensing and publishing business.